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Epson nozzle unblocker 120ml Printhead cleaner WF-7610 WF-7620



Epson Printhead unblocker

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Specially formulated for the Epson Workforce range of printers

WF-3620, WF-7610 and WF-7620 Printers

and many more, please ask if unsure.

120ml Kit


Includes: 2 x 60ml Solution,1 x Syringe, 1 x Tube, pair gloves, paper towel.



Background information.

The above epson printers have a permanent printhead, this allows Epson to use a very high quality printhead, and you may know that if you come to replace it can cost as much as the original printer.

If you use Original Epson ink or compatible, then at some point you WILL get blocked nozzles and no matter how many cleaning cycles you do nothing seems to improve.

At this point it is important to understand why.

Newer printers print in higher quality so the nozzles become smaller, newer printers are usually faster than their predecessors, and therefore the ink needs to dry faster.  This combination is why your nozzles can become blocked whether the printer is 1 month old or 24 months old.

When you replace your cartridge, you notice a problem with your print quality, so you peform a nozzle check, noticing there are a few missing lines you perform a nozzle clean cycle on your printer, this fires ink through all the nozzles and then physically wipes the head on an internal rubber strip.  Hey presto your printer is printing as it should again.  However sometimes head cleans can make the problem worse, the more cleans you do the more waste ink is smeared over the head, and all this ink has to go somewhere, owners who have had epsons over a number of years will know what a waste pad is, well this is where all that ink goes when you perform a cleaning cycle.  Performing one or two head cleans should be enough you should never perfom more than three sequencially, as not only will this empty your inks but it will fill your waste catcher over the service station with lots of waste ink and more than likely your yellow will become darkened as it sits over the waste ink in the printer.

Runing these cleans can deplete your ink cartridge, so you may need to replace them sooner than necessary costing you more money in cartridges, just because your cyan is blocked doesnt mean thats the only ink being used in the cleaning cycle, it uses all of the ink cartridges not matter whether they are ok or not.

Sometimes you may wait until your ink completely runs out rather than replacing it when it shows low, at this point there is no ink left in the nozzles and they will become filled with air, air will block the natural flow of the ink through all of the nozzles and it will take the path of least resistance which may cause it to miss a few lines in your printout, much clearer seen on a nozzle check pattern.  All is not lost though, when you insert a new cartridge, the printer will self charge, this is the printers way of trying to force through any air and any dried ink, however effective this might be there can be more stubborn nozzles that will stay blocked.

Things that may help your printers nozzles are.

  1. Never run more than three cleaning cycles, if it is not printing correctly after this you will need to manually clean the printheads.
  2. Try to print something once a week, this will keep the ink from drying out in the nozzles,
  3. Dont be afraid to turn your printer off and on again, when you printer is turned on it does a small cleaning cycle much less harsh than the one on the menus.
  4. Use good quality inks, whether these are genuine or compatible, the ink quality must be good as any large particles in the catridge will only get stuck in your head.

If your nozzles are blocked then our kit could help you, the instructions for it are listed below.

Everything is included in the kit for you to perform a manual clean of your printers head.

Instructions for use:

1.Run Nozzle check

2.Remove ink cartridges (& printhead if possible)

3.Inject 2ml PM solution into effected nozzle.

4.Leave for 5-10 mins

5.Change blotting/catcher paper.

6.Inject another 2ml PM solution.

7.Reinstall printhead if removed, and use fresh catridges.

8.Run Nozzle check

more hints and tips in the kit !!

We sell 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 250ml 500ml Kits

this is the 120ml kit



Please take care using this solution, as damage to your printer can be done if spillage or splashes occur over moving parts or electronics, wipe dry immediately, and make sure the power is disconnected from your printer at all times. Wear gloves and goggles at all times.